Replacements, Ltd.

Featured Pet (and Pet Owner)

Our featured pet this month is "Kismet," a beautiful cat who belongs to Amanda Womack, a Buy Price Methodology Coordinator at Replacements, Ltd. According to Amanda, Kismet had a difficult start in life. “We were driving through Randleman, NC on the 4th of July in 2013 when a tiny kitten dashed across the street in front of our car. Of course I had to stop to make sure it was OK,�? Amanda said. “I followed her and saw that she had wedged herself between a building and a downspout. A storm was coming and, as huge rain drops started to fall, I grabbed her and ran back to the car. Our freedom kitty came home that day, and has been a part of our lives ever since!�?

Now Kismet belongs to a large family that includes Amanda's wife and their three dogs: a husky mix named “Liza,�? a coyote mix named “Tess,�? and a Jack Russell mix named “Piglet.�? Amanda said, “Kismet loves tuna fish from the can, birds, crumpled up pieces of paper, and lying in wait to pounce on someone. Her dislikes include the vacuum, baths, and taking medicine.�?

When asked what she most likes about the Replacements, Ltd. pet policy, Amanda said, “I love Replacements’ pet policy because it gives me the ability to have special one-on-one days with the pups periodically. Having pets in the workplace is fun - you never know which furry employees you will encounter during your day!�?

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