Replacements, Ltd.

Featured Pet (and Pet Owner)

“Charlie�? is a nine-month-old Yorkshire Terrier who lives with Kim Headen, a Problem Order Specialist at Replacements, Ltd. “Charlie was a birthday present for my granddaughter, and he’s a little guy with a big dog living inside him,�? Kim said. “Charlie is sweet, feisty, and really protects his surroundings. He is always protecting the path in front of him as we walk through the warehouse, so we now call the walkway ‘Charlie Boulevard’!�?

According to Kim, Charlie enjoys coming to work and seeing his friends, who usually call him by his nicknames: Chuck, and Charles, and Uncle Charlie. When asked about Replacements’ pet-friendly policy, Kim said, “Charlie really takes away a lot of my stress during the day, and I’m glad Replacements allows employees to bring their pets to work.�? Kim added, “I have worked here for more than 17 years, and it’s a joy to make our customers happy by finding their replacements and missing pieces.�?

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