Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Leia" is adorable pooch who lives with Ty Little, an inventory specialist at Replacements, Ltd. "My boyfriend and I adopted Leia at the animal shelter just before Christmas last year," Ty said. "He took me there by surprise and swore we weren't going to adopt a dog. However, when we saw Leia, we knew it was meant to be." When Ty and her boyfriend first saw Leia, Ty said she looked terrified and wouldn't come to them. But after sitting with her for a while, she finally let them pet her. "Now, after several months of having her, we have been able to see her true self," Ty said. “She is carefree, loving, and just a complete joy to be around!"

"Leia enjoys playing with the other dogs (and cat) in my house," Ty said. "She loves coming to work, too. However, if she doesn't feel up to it on a certain day, she will hide under the bed to let me know she wants to stay home. When she does decide to come to work with me, she can be found riding on my cart throughout the day."

When asked about working at Replacements, Ty said, "I love the pet policy here. It lets employees bring parts of their families with them to work, which is very comforting and stress-relieving. As for the company as a whole, I couldn't ask for anything better. Replacements' support of the LGBTQ community is unmatched in our area, and provides a safe workplace for many individuals in this community. It is an extremely caring company that is really like a second home to many employees."

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