Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Tiberius Rex," a lovable (and outgoing!) puppy, is a recent addition to the family of Early Williams, MRO buyer at Replacements, Ltd. "The vet who examined him felt he was mostly Cane Corso with some other breeds mixed in," Early said. Early's wife and daughter first saw Tiberius Rex during one of their regular visits to the animal shelter. After finding out that he had been previously been adopted but returned, they couldn’t resist bringing him home with them!

When it came time to decide on a name for the new pup, Early said, "We wanted a big name that he could grow into. We played around with a few variations of 'blue' names because of his color, but eventually settled on a name of Italian origin since that’s where the Cane Corso breed originated. We picked 'Tiberius' because of the famous Roman emperor of the same name, and also because I'm a Star Trek fan and 'Tiberius' is Captain Kirk’s middle name. We added 'Rex' because my wife said that he sounds like a dinosaur when he runs through the house! We are calling him 'Tiber' for now until he grows into his full name."

According to Early, Tiber is never short on energy and is always ready for adventure. He is far from shy, and has yet to meet a stranger. "When I bring Tiber to work I have to allow for extra time walking around the building, because he wants to spend time with everyone we pass," Early said. "He has gained a lot of fans here - my cubicle gets very busy when folks realize I've brought Tiber in!"

When asked about the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Early said, "We are so lucky we get to bring our pets to work. It's an especially great benefit for people like me who have very social dogs."

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