Top 20 Flatware Patterns!

Start here to browse the Replacements, Ltd. ‘Top 20’ silver flatware patterns, ranked in order of popularity! Follow the links below to browse and order in these great patterns.  Whether you are in the market for a new set of flatware or are curious to know which pattern ranks first (or whether your pattern ranks first!), this top flatware patterns list is a great place to start! 

Grande Baroque by Wallace #1 - Grande Baroque by Wallace
This gorgeous pattern was designed by William S. Warran and introduced in 1941.  The pattern is very ornate and features Renaissance styling, luxuriously weighty handles, intricate scrollwork, and piercing.

Chantilly by Gorham #2 - Chantilly by Gorham
One of Gorham’s most popular patterns, Chantilly has flowing lines, a symmetrical fan plume design, and a glossy finish.  First introduced in 1895, this pattern has been a favorite of brides for over a century. 

Old Master by Towle #3 - Old Master by Towle
Crafted by one of America’s most respected silver manufacturers, Old Master has a wonderful scroll edge and floral and plume design. The pattern was designed and introduced in 1942 and remained immensely popular during and after the Second World War.

Prelude by International #4 - Prelude by International
This graceful silver pattern was introduced in 1939 and embodies the mid-century U.S. ‘modern’ design movement. Prelude is gorgeous design that features a scalloped tip, beveled edges, floral garlands, and a glossy finish.  Its popularity is well-earned! 

Rose Point by Wallace #5 - Rose Point by Wallace
In 1934, Wallace released a new (for the time) pattern with intricate scrollwork, roses, and a pierced handle, modeled on the intricate details of needlepoint and lace work.  Rose Point has become one of the most popular patterns ever made. 

Repousse by Kirk Stieff #6 - Repousse by Kirk Stieff
This pattern is the oldest sterling silver pattern produced in the United States.  It made its debut in 1828 and has remained popular ever since.  Repousse features an all-over floral design and is considered “Southern Silver” or silver produced in Maryland.

Francis I by Reed and Barton #7 - Francis I by Reed and Barton
Francis I is the most popular pattern ever produced by Reed and Barton, is the embodiment of Renaissance-Baroque styling, and was first released in 1907.  This gorgeous pattern has 15 different motifs, different combinations done across various pieces within the pattern. 

Royal Danish by International #8 - Royal Danish by International
The European styling of Royal Danish, paired with its classic mid-century modernity, has made it an appealing flatware choice for over 60 years.  This pattern has remained timelessly stylish since its debut in 1939.

Fairfax by Gorham #9 - Fairfax by Gorham
This pattern was first produced by Durgin Silver around 1900 and later acquired by Gorham Silver.  Straight lines and simple handles are combined to create a pattern that is the model of  understated elegance.

Strasbourg by Gorham #10 - Strasbourg by Gorham
This pattern was first produced around 1897.  The tip-heavy pattern features a glossy finish, playful scrollwork, and plume design.  Over the years, the pattern has remained popular with brides and all who entertain.

Candlelight by Towle #11 - Candlelight by Towle
The artists at Towle created a pattern that draws on the aristocratic elegance found in Renaissance embroidery.    First introduced in 1934, the pattern has proved to be very versatile and can be used with a number of china and crystal patterns.

Damask Rose by Oneida #12 - Damask Rose by Oneida
This popular pattern was released in 1946.  The pattern has a three-dimensional rose motif with a modern twist.  Simple and elegant, this pattern works well with most china and crystal patterns.  It can also be mixed with any number of sterling patterns.

Etruscan by Gorham Silver #13 - Etruscan by Gorham Silver
This Greco-Roman revival pattern features a symmetrical design that includes a Greek key.  Although it was released in 1913, one can see that it was is a forerunner for the Art Deco designs that would follow it. 

King Richard by Towle #14 - King Richard by Towle
This 1932 design is a classic “King’s” pattern, meaning the handle features a combination of shells and scrolls.  "Queen’s" patterns usually feature ornate floral designs.  King Richard is also a very popular heirloom pattern.

Buttercup by Gorham Silver #15 - Buttercup by Gorham Silver
This pattern was introduced by Gorham in 1899 and is another of Gorham’s most popular patterns.  In many cases, if a person is a fan of Gorham Silver he either has Buttercup or Fairfax on his table.

Rondo by Gorham Silver #16 - Rondo by Gorham Silver
Introduced in 1951, Rondo is a modern variation on the Strasbourg pattern.  Its classic mid-century modern design is symmetrical and features playful scrolls.

Classic Rose by Reed and Barton Silver #17 - Classic Rose by Reed and Barton Silver
This pattern is another modern favorite and was introduced in 1954.  The handle is squared at the ends.  The center design features a dramatic long stem rose.  Classic Rose has remained immensely popular since its inception.

Joan of Arc by International #18 - Joan of Arc by International
This exceptionally beautiful pattern is crafted in regal French styling and showcases elegant scrollwork and a plumed tip.  This pattern was introduced in 1940 and has remained a popular bridal pattern for many decades.

First Love by International Silver #19 - First Love by International Silver
This 1937 design is the only silverplate pattern to make our list.  It features a gorgeous tip-heavy handle, beveled edge, and floral and plume design.  First Love is an example of the excellence in silver craftsmanship for which International has come to be known.

Eloquence Sterling by Lunt #20 - Eloquence Sterling by Lunt
This radiant pattern was introduced in 1953 and is extraordinarily ornate.  Roses cascade down a slender scalloped handle.  The design features intricate piercing and other delightful organic and freeform elements.