Online Tour - Great Wall of China

You've heard of the "Great Wall Of China"? No, not that one, the real one here at Replacements! Just off our main Retail Store area is THE "Great Wall of China". Over 500 china, 150 crystal, and 150 flatware patterns are alphabetically arranged by manufacturer. If you like dinnerware, this display is for you! In one area, you can see all of the most popular patterns arrayed side by side.

Great Wall of China Display at Replacements, Ltd.

Some people are really surprised that some of our most popular patterns are the least expensive, but it is true! The patterns displayed here are a fraction of what we carry, you can see all of our patterns, along with inventory availability and pricing information, by clicking here. Of course, you can always register to get information for your pattern by using our convenient online form. As far as physical display of dinnerware inventory though, the display below is a "must see." If you make the trip you will not regret it!

Great Wall of China

Very appropriately displayed on the wall opposite "The Great Wall," are articles and awards that trace the history of Replacements and its participation in many business, community, and charitable causes. Our owner, Bob Page, believes strongly in Replacements giving back to the community, and this wall contains a small portion of the articles and awards that both Bob and Replacements have been featured in or received. This wall is an afternoon's reading in itself!

Articles and Awards - Replacements, Ltd.