Online Tour - Imaging Services

Our Imaging Services Department is currently creating digital photographs of the more than 425,000 patterns we currently have in stock. Over 1.6 million dinner plates, and other select pieces, have been imaged thus far, with the ultimate goal being to image every piece type (over 1,000,000 unique piece/pattern types!!) in our inventory.

Imaging Services at Replacements, Ltd.

Through the use of digital technology and computer graphics, we are capturing, color correcting and archiving these images. They are useful in various Replacements books and dinnerware identification guides written and published by our owner Bob Page and his partner Dale Frederiksen, internal identification work, future database functions, and of course on our web site (you are looking at some of them now!). With the help of our excellent Imaging Services department, we continue to work to add interesting images and content to our site. Please consider bookmarking our web site, and watch it expand!