Online Tour - Restoration Services

Replacements, Ltd.'s Restoration Department brings china, crystal, and silver back to life! Our restoration artisans are skilled at gilding, glass coldworking (or grinding), and other techniques.  We are generally able to restore more than 5,000 pieces of china and crystal per month. We have ten kilns of various sizes (more than 100 cubic feet), which allows us flexibility to fire at different temperatures at the same time. Sometimes, gold and platinum gilding can be restored using the identical process that was employed at the time of original production. Our artisans are also able to restore pieces in some patterns by hand painting the missing or obscured details.

Replacements' restoration expert Ermelinda Villegas gilds a wine glass

The restoration department is also capable of performing extensive flatware and silver restoration. Our silversmiths can repair damage caused by man, machine or Mother Nature (the most frequent damage we see is garbage disposal damage).

Silversmith John Probus restores sterling candelabra