Online Tour - Warehouse Product Storage

In our inventory shelving area, we have more than 12 million pieces of inventory comprising more than 425,000 china, crystal, flatware and collectible patterns. These pieces are housed on more than 60,000 shelves. After the inventory is received and inspected, it is moved to these storage shelves where it is kept until an order is placed.

Replacements, Ltd. Warehouse Product Storage

The rows and shelves are divided into numbered cubicles, each with a 500 lb. weight-bearing capacity. We carefully store china, crystal, stainless, and silverplate in this area (our sterling is stored in a large, walk-in vault). Our internally designed database tracks the inventory on these shelves. This inventory location information is visible to our employees on computers placed throughout the warehouse.

Replacements, Ltd. Warehouse Product Storage

Our expansion, which we completed in mid-August, 2011, doubled the size of our building to 425,000 square feet – an area larger than 7 football fields! This expansion comprises our new bulk warehousing area, a 150,000 square feet space to be used for long-term storage. This bulk warehousing area can hold more than 14,000 pallets, or over 6.5 million pieces.

Expansion Storage Space