Online Tour - Order Processing & Warehouse Expansion

We’re currently in the process of moving our 900 top-selling patterns to the shelves of our new high efficiency area, seen here.  Half of our china orders will come from patterns located here. With these top patterns in one area, we can get to our best-sellers faster than ever before, which means we are able to fill your orders much more efficiently. There are a little more than 8,500 shelves in this area. The aisles are designed double wide.  By having this extra space, the aisles will never be blocked and we will always have total access to these patterns.

High Efficiency Area - 900 top-selling patterns

Our Order Processing staff pulls, packs, and ships an average of 2,000 to 2,500 orders per day, with close to 6,000 orders per day being processed at peak times. All orders are carefully inspected for quality and accuracy before they are packed and shipped.

High Efficiency Area

Regarding our order inspection process, all pieces are inspected 4 times before they are shipped to our customers. Pieces are inspected at the time they are inventoried, once more while they are pulled, once after they are pulled, and before they are packed. This ensures maximum quality and accuracy, and is necessary because of the lack of standardization in the dinnerware industry among more than 10,000 manufacturers producing dinnerware during the past 100 years. It's a lot harder than t-shirts or sweaters!

Order Processing

After inspection, the pieces are meticulously packed (based on standards developed in concert with our shippers), sealed, addressed, and placed onto a conveyor belt. The package is loaded onto an awaiting truck, and shipped safely to our customer.

Replacements, Ltd. takes great pride in promoting preservation of the environment – whenever possible, shipping materials are reused or recycled. We currently use air-cushion based protective material for our smaller packages, and biodegradable box fillers whenever possible. We are also in the process of upgrading the lighting throughout our building with new lights which produce three times the light output and use half the electricity of the old fixtures.