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We'll now leave the Service Center and move back to our Retail Store. We've nearly made a complete circle throughout our building and are now in the Retail Store again, in our Museum (the opposite end from where we entered). Our Museum contains over 2,000 rare pieces of china, crystal, silver, collectible plates, and figurines. These are part of Bob Page's private collection and are not for sale.


This collection includes rare patterns and piece types, collector plates, antique and deco advertising items, a cordial collection, and much more. We can't do it justice here, but we invite you to come see the Museum for yourself. It is breathtaking and worth the trip!


Display cases in this area also have interesting histories. The light brown cases with the marble feet were made especially for an Oklahoma jewelry store. It is believed that the cases were produced before Oklahoma was even a state, due to the stamp on the side that reads 'Indian Territory'! This and many other neat items are a part of a visit to our museum, please come by any time! Can’t make it right now to see these great museum pieces in person? Click here to take an online tour of the Replacements, Ltd. Museum.

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