Top Waterford Collections by Your Favorite Brands

Top Waterford Collections

Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner or just enjoying a glass of wine (or two) with friends, you’ll find something that’s just right in this selection of sophisticated stemware.

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Waterford Lismore Wine Hock
Waterford Lismore White Wine
Waterford Kildare Water Goblet
Waterford Kildare Claret Wine
Waterford Kildare White Wine
Waterford Kildare Iced Tea
Waterford Kildare Champagne/Tall Sherbet
Waterford Alana Stemmed Iced Tea
Waterford Alana Claret Wine
Waterford Alana Wine Hock
Waterford Alana White Wine
Waterford Alana Water Goblet
Waterford Alana Old Fashioned
Waterford Powerscourt Water Goblet
Waterford Powerscourt Claret Wine
Waterford Powerscourt Wine Hock
Waterford Powerscourt Fluted Champagne
Waterford Powerscourt Old Fashioned
Waterford Maeve (Cut) Water Goblet
Waterford Maeve (Cut) Claret Wine
Waterford Maeve (Cut) Fluted Champagne
Waterford Maeve (Cut) 9 Oz Old Fashioned
Waterford Kylemore (Cut) Fluted Champagne
Waterford Kenmare (Cut) Water Goblet
Waterford Kenmare (Cut) Claret Wine
Waterford Kenmare (Cut) Fluted Champagne
Waterford Kenmare (Cut) Old Fashioned
Waterford Sheila (Cut) Water Goblet
Waterford Sheila (Cut) Claret Wine
Waterford Araglin Water Goblet
Waterford Araglin Old Fashioned
Waterford Carina Water Goblet
Waterford Ballyshannon (Cut) Stemmed Iced Tea
Waterford Comeragh (Cut) Water Goblet
Waterford Colleen Tall Stem (Cut) Claret Wine
Waterford Castlemaine (Cut) Claret Wine
Waterford Clare (Cut) Water Goblet
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