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Mikasa Patterns

Find your pattern below and click the link to view inventory availability/pricing information and to register or order online. If you need help, call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ET, 7 days, use our online form, or e-mail us at

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Pattern Name Pattern Number Manufacturer
A Basket Of Pinks DC801 Mikasa
A La Carte AN021 Mikasa
A La Mode E7300 Mikasa
A Special Thank You B2030 Mikasa
Abbey Court CK104 Mikasa
Aberdeen LAN06 Mikasa
Abstract F7801 Mikasa
Abstract CAD71 Mikasa
Acacia CE901 Mikasa
Academy CAH05 Mikasa
Academy Blue CF500 Mikasa
Academy Jade CAH24 Mikasa
Academy Lapis CAH23 Mikasa
Acapulco Mikasa
Acapulco CA009 Mikasa
Accent 5308 Mikasa
Accent Gold CAE08 Mikasa
Accents Medley Y0811 Mikasa
Acorn C9056 Mikasa
Acrylics CAD94 Mikasa
Adela 5500 Mikasa
Adelaide Mikasa
Adelaide 8421 Mikasa
Adelaide (All White) Mikasa
Adelaide Platinum Mikasa
Adeline D7002 Mikasa
Admiration 8180 Mikasa
Adobe L3134 Mikasa
Adobe 6509 Mikasa
Adobe 6509 Mikasa
Adobe PF001 Mikasa
Adonis F3002 Mikasa
Adore 5720 Mikasa
Adrienne F3008 Mikasa
Adrienne 6189 Mikasa
Advertising Signs Mikasa
Aegean L5587 Mikasa
Aegean Blue JG009 Mikasa
Aegean Gold A7212 Mikasa
Aetna 8431 Mikasa
Affection AP001 Mikasa
Affluent D6803 Mikasa
African Violets LAC01 Mikasa
Afternoon PB001 Mikasa
Afton LAN07 Mikasa
Agate Lustre Mikasa
Aki 3058K Mikasa
Akoya-Cobalt Blue Mikasa
Alabaster Mikasa
Aladdin 6230 Mikasa
Alamo 4006GR Mikasa
Alana 2521 Mikasa
Alba PN001 Mikasa
Alberta 8382 Mikasa
Alcott F3016 Mikasa
Aleta 8279 Mikasa
Alexandra G1003 Mikasa
Alexandria L9778 Mikasa
Alfredo 8438 Mikasa
Algarve CAA81 Mikasa
Algarve Cherry CAA85 Mikasa
Algarve Grape CAA84 Mikasa
Algarve Orange CAA83 Mikasa
Algarve Pear CAA82 Mikasa
Algiers 4068 Mikasa
Alicia 9359 Mikasa
Aliso 101 Mikasa
Aliza Gris Mikasa
Aliza Teal Mikasa
All My Love Mikasa
Allegro 217 Mikasa
Allesandro L5053 Mikasa
Allura 3146M Mikasa
Allura-Black DH700 Mikasa
Allura-White DH900 Mikasa
Almandine C4802 Mikasa
Almond Blossom JL803 Mikasa
Alpine A5100 Mikasa
Alpine Meadow DA904 Mikasa
Alpine Meadow DE865 Mikasa
Alpine Meadows 210 Mikasa
Alpine Rose 9323 Mikasa
Alpine Spring CS010 Mikasa
Alpine White MM400 Mikasa
Alpine-Black Mikasa
Alpine-Blue Mikasa
Alpine-Gold Mikasa
Alpine-Red Mikasa
Alton 5299 Mikasa
Alviano Mikasa
Always And Forever Mikasa
Alyce 5338 Mikasa
Alyssa 5766 Mikasa
Alyssa A7025 Mikasa
Amadeus A3401 Mikasa
Amadeus CAR35 Mikasa
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