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Enduring Traditions

At Replacements, we believe in connecting people and meaningful experiences. Since 1981, we've looked for what's missing and found what's needed, connecting the right person to the right piece at the right time. We’ve seen decades of styles come, and go, and come back again. We’ve been here long enough to know trends aren’t as important as the people they bring together, and good design is simply making things the best they can be for the people who matter. The way people spend time together may change, but the “why” is constant: to share a lasting moment and make new memories, while honoring the past and people that made us who we are.

That’s why we’re here to help your home be its best. Our stacked-to-the-rafters warehouse is packed with more than 11 million pieces of history-soaked china, crystal, silver, estate jewelry & watches, and more. So whether you're recreating the warmth of grandma's table or putting your own personality on full display, we probably have what you need (and we'll try to find it if we don't). Every day is worth celebrating, so let's use the good stuff.

"Always terrific customer service. I shop with the knowledge that your product is only the best."

D.L., South Yarmouth, MA

"You educate and even entertain me."

B.R., Pasadena, CA

"Thank you for your inventory of gorgeousness."

M.L., Indianola, MS

"You never disappoint, your service is perfection, and most importantly your knowledge is beyond belief."

B.B., Aventura, FL

"Excellent inventory, first class product, fantastic service, what else can I say?"

A.B., Laurel, MD


M.M., Concord, CA