Flatware Piece Types

  • Dinner Fork
    Our Piece Code: F2
    (7-8” in length)

    Dinner forks are part of the typical 5-piece place setting. Dinner forks are used for the entrée course at dinner.

  • Luncheon Fork
    Our Piece Code: F1
    (7-7 3/8” in length)

    Luncheon forks are slightly smaller than the dinner fork, generally feature straight tines, and are used for meals and gatherings before dinner. Also, the luncheon fork can double as a youth or children’s fork and can be used with the luncheon knife and five o’clock teaspoon.

  • Salad Fork
    Our Piece Code: SF
    (6-7” in length)
    Salad forks are used for the salad course served before dinner and are part of the typical 5-piece place setting. The salad fork can also be used for eating hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and other bite size foods.

  • Cocktail Fork
    Our Piece Code: CF
    (5-6” in length)
    Cocktail forks are individual forks used with the five-piece place setting. Their primary purpose is for eating appetizers and shrimp dishes. Generally, this piece has three short tines.

  • Teaspoon
    Our Piece Code: TS
    (5-6" in length)

    Teaspoons are perfect for coffee, tea, desserts, cereal, and soups. You can never have too many of these spoons. They are considered part of the standard 5-piece place setting.

  • Place Spoon
    Our Piece Code: PLS/DES
    (6 ½ -7 ½” in length)

    Place spoons are the most versatile piece of silver available. They can be used as serving pieces or as individual spoons. Many people call these tablespoons. These pieces are great for soups, desserts, entrees, and cereals.

  • Cream Soup Spoon
    Our Piece Code: CSS
    (6-7” in length)
    Cream soup spoons are great for just about any soup. Cream soup spoons are smaller than a gumbo spoon and larger than a bouillon spoon. Generally, these spoons have round shallow bowls.

  • Gumbo Spoon
    Our Piece Code: GUM
    (7-8” in length)
    Gumbo spoons are used for thick soups with large pieces of meat and vegetables. Like bouillon and cream soup spoons, these spoons generally have round shallow bowls.

  • Iced Tea Spoon
    Our Piece Code: IT
    (7 ½-8 ½” in length)
    Iced tea spoons are generally used to stir iced beverages that are served in tall glasses. They can also be used as dessert spoons for parfaits, sherbets, or ice cream.

  • Demitasse Spoon
    Our Piece Code: DEM
    (4-5” in length)
    Demitasse spoons are used to stir strong coffees that are served in small quantities, like espresso or Turkish coffee. Generally, these spoons look like smaller versions of the teaspoon.

  • Dinner Knife
    Our Piece Code: K2
    (8-9” in length)
    Dinner knives are among the most versatile pieces in a silver service. Although it is called the "dinner" knife, it's also great for serving butter and/or spreading condiments.

  • Luncheon Knife
    Our Piece Code: K1
    (7-8” in length)
    Luncheon knives are slightly smaller than the dinner knife and are used for meals and gatherings before dinner. Also, the luncheon knife can double as a youth or children’s knife and can be used with the luncheon fork and five o’clock teaspoon.

  • Steak Knife
    Our Piece Code: STK
    (8-9 ½” in length)
    Steak knives are often added to the typical 5-piece place setting. This piece can be made with a serrated or non-serrated edge and is characterized by its pointed blade

  • Butter Spreader - Flat Handle
    Our Piece Code: BFH
    (5-6” in length)
    Flat handle butter spreaders are used for spreading butter. Generally, these are used in addition to the typical 5-piece place setting. The butter spreader is placed on each individual bread and butter plate at the table.

  • Tablespoon
    Our Piece Code: TAS
    (8-10” in length)
    Tablespoons are used for serving vegetables. Although tablespoons have a shape similar to teaspoons or place spoons, they are larger and are reserved for the serving bowls in the center of the table or buffet.
  • Gravy Ladle

    Ladle - Gravy
    Our Piece Code: LAG
    (6-8” in length)

    Gravy ladles are the most common ladle size. Generally, this piece is 6-8 inches in length and can be used to serve gravies or cream sauces.

  • Pierced Tablespoon
    Our Piece Code: TASP
    (8-10” in length)

    Pierced tablespoons are similar to regular tablespoons except that they feature a pierced bowl. The pierced tablespoon is used to serve vegetables that need to be drained before serving.

  • Pie & Cake Server
    Our Piece Code: PCS
    (9-11” in length)
    Pie and cake servers resemble the traditional pie server. This piece is used for the cutting and serving of pie and cake slices.

  • Cold Meat Fork
    Our Piece Code: CMFL
    (8-10” in length)

    Cold Meat Forks are versatile serving pieces that can be used for cuts of meat, cheeses, waffles, chops, and sliced vegetables.

  • Casserole Spoon
    Our Piece Code: CAS
    (9-11” in length)
    Casserole spoons are a lot like tablespoons. They tend to have larger bowls than the tablespoon. Casserole spoons are used to serve casseroles.