Silver Restoration


At Replacements, we know a cherished silver collection is often linked to good memories and gathering with the people you love. If you have pieces that are damaged, tarnished, or lost, our craftsmen and artisans can revive those pieces so that their attached memories can be restored. Renew, refresh, and revive your silver to be enjoyed for both special occasions and every day.

Explore our restoration services today and discover how we can bring your silver back to life.

Restoration & Repair at Replacements, Ltd.


For Hollowware Repair, please call.

Kitchen Disposal Damage $40.00/piece

Flatware Monogram Removal (sterling only) Please Call

Replacement Knife Blades $40.00/piece

Hollowware Repair Please Call


For Hollowware cleaning/polishing, please call.

Stainless $6.00/piece

Silverplate $2.00/piece

Sterling $4.00/piece

Pewter $4.00/piece



1. Print a Repair or Restoration Request Form, fill it in completely, and sign it.

2. Pack your pieces securely, with plenty of padding, and insure your package against damage. Watch our How to Pack & Ship video for helpful shipping instructions.

3. Call 1-800-737-5223, ext. 2567 with any specific questions.

All restoration and cleaning prices are average. Prices may be adjusted according to actual merchandise condition. If estimated service costs exceed listed prices by more than 20%, we will contact you for approval before starting repair. No handling charges will be applied to the return of unserviceable merchandise. Restored or repaired pieces are professionally cleaned and machine-buffed to their original luster.

UPS DOES NOT DELIVER TO REPLACEMENTS, LTD. Therefore, any shipments that you send to Replacements, Ltd. via UPS will be returned to you by UPS as undeliverable. Please ship your merchandise via FedEx or US Postal Service.

* Shipping costs vary; please call for details: 1-800-737-5223, ext. 2567