1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223)

About Shipping & Handling

Thank you very much for choosing Replacements, Ltd. for your tableware needs! Our incredible inventory of 12 million pieces in over 425,000 patterns is housed in our 500,000-square-foot facilities (the size of more than 8 football fields)! We ship worldwide and are eager to assist you online at www.replacements.com or by phone at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223).

There is a cost associated with getting fragile dinnerware pieces to you intact, or as we like to say, connecting you with your most cherished memories! Our product is unique, very fragile, and in many cases, pieces you order are one-of-a-kind. With such delicate merchandise, merchandise that would be hard to quickly replace if broken, we are required to invest the utmost attention and resources in careful and efficient shipping and handling procedures.

Much occurs between the time you place and receive your order. Each morning, all orders from the previous day (some days more than 3,000 orders!) are printed and sorted. Again, due to the delicate nature of our merchandise, your order must be (carefully!) hand-pulled from one of 60,000 storage locations in our warehouse. After your order has been pulled, it moves through a rigorous inspection process to verify accuracy and to check for any damage that may have occurred in the shelving or pulling process. This inspection process, while very labor intensive due to the nature of our product, has allowed us to maintain a shipping error rate of less than one tenth of a percent! After inspection, your pieces are cleaned and wrapped by our packers, using innovative and extra-safe packing methods developed in conjunction with our shippers. We work to employ reusable and recyclable packaging materials when available and cost effective, and we continuously research packaging processes that have the potential to improve productivity, worker well-being, and “ease of unpacking” for our customers.

After being (very!) carefully hand-packed, your order is sealed, placed on a conveyer belt, and weighed via a computerized manifesting system which automatically selects the most efficient, approved carrier to transport the order to your part of the country (or world). A bar-coded shipping label is added to guide your package through our carrier’s hub and terminal network. Additionally, data from this label updates your individual customer file with package transit status and other important information, enabling our customer service representatives to track your order. If you have provided an e-mail address to us, a final, electronic shipping confirmation is sent to you. So as you can see, actual shipping charges, which have continued to increase, are only a part of what is required to deliver your hard-to-find replacement pieces to you quickly and safely.

At Replacements, Ltd. we want to provide the best value possible to our customers, and we continually seek ways to most efficiently pull, pack, and ship your merchandise. We do not require a minimum order size or charge a processing fee for small orders. We strive to provide the same safe, top-quality packaging and shipping for every order we take, whether for one piece or one hundred pieces. Our greatest joy is in “replacing the irreplaceable” for our customers and we are proud of the care taken to ensure the safe handling and arrival of your pieces. Thank you for being our customer!