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R & B Germany R Briggs&Co R H Plant R Hall & Co (See Ralph Hall) R Hall & Sons (See Ralph Hall) R Hall (See Ralph Hall) R K Austria (See R Kampf) R P Co (See Regal Pottery ) R P Japan R S Rosler R Squared (R2) (See Zrike) R St K (See Riessner,Stellmacher&Kessel) R Thomas & Sons Co (See Thomas China Co (USA)) R&M Co (Czech) R. Cochran & Co R. H. & Co. (See Ralph Hall) R.A.K. & Co (See Kidston, Robert A.) R.C. & Co. (See R. Cochran & Co) R.C. & Co. V.P. (See R. Cochran & Co) Rachael Ray Rachel Bilson Rackliffe Pottery Radford, Samuel Radnor (See Hall Brothers) Rae's (Japan) Railroad Rainbow Mountain Rainbow Stone (See Sango) Raintree Rakuyo (Japan) Rale Ralph Hall Ralph Hamersley Ralph Lauren (See Ralph Lauren) Ralph Lauren China Ralph Stevenson &Son Ralston Purina Ramuntcho Ranch House Randa Ranmaru Ransat Ceramics Ransgil Ransom (Japan) Raphael Weill Company Rathbone, T & Co Raven's Wood (See Pickard) Ravenscroft Ravensdale Raymond's Inc Raynaud Raz Imports RB Alcobaca RC (USA) (See Royal (USA)) Rc Japan (See Noritake) Rcpc Reading (Japan) Reading China Real (Brazil) Real (Portugal) Real Ceramica Real Home Real Simple Reba Harmony for the Home Reba McEntire (See Reba Harmony for the Home) Rebecca Fine Bone China Rebecca Molayem Rebecca Moses Reboisson & Baranger (See Descottes, Reboisson&Ba) Reco Red Cliff Red Sea Red Vanilla Red Wing Redfern&Drakeford Redon, M Redraven Studios Reed & Barton Regal (England) Regal (Japan) Regal Heritage Regal Manor Regal Pottery Regal Vellum Regal-American Regas Regency Regency (Japan) Regency (USA) Regent (China) Regent (England) Regent Craft Regina (Holland) Regina (Japan) Regina RCR (See Paden City) Regina Ware Regis Rego Reichenbach Reinecke Reiner Reinhold Schlegelmil Relco (Japan) Reliable Home Equip Rembrandt Remington (See Red Sea) Renaissance Rene Caire Rene Frugier Renner Reno (Limoges) Renoir Renwick (Japan) Replacements Replacements Replacements Books Replacements Terms Replacements, Ltd. Restoration Hardware Retroneu Retsch & Co Returns-China Reutter Porzellan Revol Rewcrest Rex (Bavaria) (See Moschendorf) Rex (USA) (See Crown Potteries) Reynolds RFH - Richter, Fenkl & Hahn RGK (See Loucky) RH&S (See Ralph Hamersley) RH&SL (See Tuscan) Rheinkrone Rheinpfaltz (See Muhlback) Rheinpfalz (See Muhlback) Rhenania RHM (Japan) Rhubarb Rhythm (See Intl Silver) Ribes (Limoges) Rice Islands Richard Kampf Richard Brendon Richard Briggs Richard E Bishop,Ltd Richard Ginori Richard Klemm Richard Masterson Richard Wehsner Richard Wolfram Porcelain Richardsons (C) Ltd Richelieu Richmond (England) Richmond China (USA) Richmond Y& C Rideau Ridgewood Ridgway & Morley Ridgway (Ridgways) Rieber Riessner,Stellmacher&Kessel Riley (See John & Richard Riley) Riley's (See John & Richard Riley) Ringtons Limited Risto Craft (Japan) Rita Monti Ritz China Ritzenhoff Ritzenhoff & Breker Ritzenhoff & Breker (See R & B Germany) Riva Designs Rivanel France Riverdale Rivers Edge Products Riviera (Japan) Rivir Studios RK (See Richard Klemm) RKG (Czech, Austria) RL Jingdezhen RLM Home RM Co (See Rowland & Marsellus) RM Czechoslovakia RO Gregg Rob Turner Robert Carvalli Robert Gordon Robert Hanke Robert Haviland Robert Lee Morris (See RLM Home) Robert Wilhite (See LS Coll) Roberta Baldini Roberts Robina
Robinson & Son Robinson (See Pfaltzgraff) Robinson - Ransbottom Robinson Design Robinson Design Robinson Wood & Brownf Robinson's Robinwood Boston Rochard Rochelle Fine China (See Fondeville (NY)) Rockingham Rogers, Wm A Rok Stone Rokko (Japan) Rolex Fine China Roma (New York) Roma (Portugal) Romancing Provence Romanco Ware Romania Romanov Romero Britto Romertopf Romulus Craft Ron Gordon Designs Ronald Van Ruykevelt Rondeleux Fils Aine Rookwood Room Essentials Roost China Rorstrand Rosanna Roscher & Co Roscho Roschutz (See Ungerschilde(Roschutz)) Rose (Japan) Rose Crown China Co Rose of England Roseberry Studio Rosedale Roselane Roselle (Japan) Roselli Design Roselyn Rosenberg China Rosendahl Rosendahl, J.W. Rosenthal - Continental Rosenthal Netter Rosette Roseville Rosewood (England) Roshco Inc Rosie B Farmer Rosina-Queens Roslyn (England) Ross (Canada) Ross Products Ross Simons Rossetti Rossini Rossler Porzellan Rothwoman Pottery Rotschield Rouard, George Rovix (Japan) Rowantrees Pottery Rowe Pottery Rowland & Marsellus Roxborough Roxy Roy Kirkham Royal (China) Royal (Italy) Royal (Japan) Royal (See Austria) Royal (Spain) Royal (USA) Royal Abbey (England) Royal Academy Royal Adderley (See Adderley) Royal Ainsley Royal Al Royal Albert Royal Albion Royal Alma (England) Royal Ann Royal Arco Royal Ardalt (England) Royal Arden Royal Art (England) Royal Art Guild Royal Arthur China Royal Ascot Royal Avon Royal B (Poland) Royal Bassett (England) Royal Bavaria Royal Bayreuth Royal Benton Royal Berlin Royal Blue (See Intl Pottery) Royal Boch (See Boch) Royal Bohemian Royal Bone China Royal Bonn (See FA Mehlem) Royal Brazilian Royal Burlington Royal Caldone (See Ceracraft) Royal Caledonia Royal Cameo Royal Camm Royal Canterbury Royal Carlton Royal Carola Royal Castle Royal Cathay Royal Cauldon Royal Ceramicor Royal Ceramics Royal Chapus Royal Chateau Royal Chatham Royal Chelsea Royal Cheltenham Royal China (Korea) Royal China (made in France) Royal China (See Royal (USA)) Royal China Intl Royal China Japan Royal China Thailand Royal China Works (See George Grainger & Co) Royal Coburg Royal Coleston Royal Collection-Ch Royal Collection-England Royal Collection-Japan Royal Cologne Royal Colton Royal Continental Royal Copenhagen Royal Cotswolds (See Godinger) Royal Court Royal Cp Royal Crafts Royal Creamware Royal Crest (Japan) Royal Crest(England) Royal Crest(Germany) Royal Crn Drb Fl (See Royal Crown Derby) Royal Crown (Bohemia (See Haas-Czjzek Coronado) Royal Crown (Cze) (See Haas-Czjzek Coronado) Royal Crown (Czech) Royal Crown (England) Royal Crown (Germany) Royal Crown (Japan) Royal Crown (See Arnart) Royal Crown (USA) Royal Crown Derby Royal Crown Duchy Royal Crown Trends Royal Crownford Royal Cumberland Royal Cuthbertson (See Cuthbertson) Royal Danube Royal Darwood Royal Delft Royal Denby (See Denby) Royal Derby (Japan) Royal Design Royal Devon Royal Dinnerware (Japan) Royal Distel Royal Domino Royal Doulton Royal Dover Royal Duchess Royal Dux Royal Eagle Royal Eger Royal Embassy Royal Empress Royal Englishtown Royal Essex Royal Eton Royal Europe Royal Falcon (See JH Weatherby) Royal Fenton Royal Fine China Royal Five Stars Royal Franconia (See Royal Frankonia) Royal Frankonia Royal Gallery
Royal Garland Royal Geoffrey (Japan) Royal George Royal Goedewaagen Royal Grace Royal Grafton Royal Granite China Royal Gustafsberg Royal Haeger (See Haeger) Royal Halsey Royal Hanover Royal Harvey Royal Heidelberg Royal Heiden Royal Heritage Royal Horticultural Royal Hostess Royal Imperial Royal Ivory (Czech, Germany) Royal Ivory (Japan) Royal Jackson Royal Junnsbruck Royal Kaga Royal Karger Royal Karlsbad Royal Kendal Royal Kendall-England Royal Kensington Royal Kent (England) Royal Kent (Japan) (See Kent (Japan)) Royal Kent (Poland) Royal Kikus Royal Kikusu (See Kikusui) Royal Kingston Royal Kinran (Nippon) Royal Knight Royal L B Royal Lanbil Royal Leighton (See Leighton) Royal Limited Royal Limoges Royal London Royal M (Bavaria) Royal M-Mita Royal Magnus Royal Magnus Royal Majestic Royal Malvern Royal Manor Royal Medallion (See Shenango) Royal Meridian Royal Ming Royal Minster Royal Modern (Korea) Royal Monaco Royal Monarch Royal Mosa (Holland) Royal Munich Royal Nishiki (See Nishiki) Royal Nobilta Royal Norcrest Royal Norfolk Royal Oak Royal of London Royal Opaque China Royal Opera Royal Osborne Royal Overhouse Royal Palatine Royal Park Royal Patrician Royal Paule Manufact Royal Poppy China Royal Porcelain Royal Prestige Royal Prestige (Columbia) Royal Prince Royal Prince (See Hall Brothers) Royal Princess Royal Princess (England) Royal Queen Royal Queen (See Canonsburg) Royal Queens (England) Royal R (Bavaria) Royal Rideau Royal Rochester Royal Roslyn Royal Rudolstadt (See Beyer & Bock) Royal Savoy Royal Saxony Royal Schwarzburg Royal Scotland Royal Seagrave Royal Sealy Royal Seasons Royal Selection Royal Sentinel Royal Seoul Royal Sheffield Royal Sheffield Porcelain Royal Signet Royal Song Royal Sovereign Royal Sphinx (See Petrus Regout & Co) Royal Stafford Royal Stafford Ware (See S Hancock) Royal Staffordshire Royal Standard Royal Stanley Ware (See Colclough) Royal Stetson (See Royal (USA)) Royal Stuart (See Spencer Stevenson) Royal Sussex Royal Sutherland (See Sutherland) Royal Swan Royal Swansea Royal Swedana (Japan) Royal Takahashi (See Takahashi) Royal Talbot Royal Tara Royal Tatung Royal Taunton Royal Teplitz Royal Tettau Royal Tiara Royal Traditions Royal Treasure Royal Trico (See Trico) Royal Tudor Royal Tudor Ware (See Barker Bros Ltd) Royal Tunstall Royal Tuscan (See Tuscan) Royal Vale Royal Velvet Royal Ventonware (See Steventon, John) Royal Victoria Royal Victorian-Eng Royal Vienna (Austria-Poland) Royal Vienna-China Royal Vistas Ware Royal Waldenburg Royal Warwick Royal Wentworth Royal Wessex Royal Westbury Royal Wettin Royal Wilton Royal Wilton (See WS George) Royal Winchester Royal Windsor Royal Winston Royal Winton Royal Worcester Royal Wurtemberg Royal York (England) Royal York (Germany) Royal York (Japan) Royale Royale (France) Royale (Japan) Royale Garden Royale Rego (See Rego) Royale Stratford Royalton Royalty China Roycroft Roydon (See Roydon Pottery) Roydon Pottery Rs (Not R S Prussia) RS Germany (See Reinhold Schlegelmil) Rs Japan (See Shimizu Rokunosuko) RS Prussia RSG RSVP Fine Porcelain Rubel (Portugal) Rubel&Co Rubens Originals Rubensware (See Sampson Hancock & Sons) Rubino's Art Village Ruby Pilven Rudolf Wachter Rudolph Company, The Rudolstadt Ruff Hewn Russ Berrie Russ Collectibles Russ Manufacturing Russel Wright (Not a Manufacturer) Russia Rutherford (Italy) Rw Bavaria (See Rudolf Wachter) Rw Germany (See Rudolf Wachter) Rye Pottery Ryuzan