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Terms & Conditions

Check the information below for answers to questions related to our quality guarantee and other terms and conditions.  Don't see the answer you are looking for? Please call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9am - 6pm (ET) Monday through Friday (except holidays) or visit our Contact Us page.


The Replacements, Ltd. Satisfaction Guarantee

All Replacements, Ltd. merchandise (whether previously owned or new) is thoroughly inspected for product quality and is guaranteed to be in excellent condition for the age and availability of the item.  All tableware and collectibles are guaranteed to be free of chips, cracks, and excessive wear.  Tableware and collectibles pieces may reflect slight variations in backstamps, markings, colors, weight, or size, depending on manufacturers’ specifications, changes in molds, or the length of time in production.  If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of any merchandise you receive, we will gladly refund your payment in full, less shipping and handling charges, for those items returned within 30 days.


Terms & Conditions

All merchandise is subject to prior sale. If some or all of the items of your order have been sold prior to receipt of your payment or are otherwise unavailable for sale, we will promptly issue you a full refund for those items you have paid for that are not available.  In certain situations, we may offer you a reasonable substitute for any item(s) we cannot fulfill.  Due to federal and state law, we will replace components potentially composed of ivory with non-ivory material, prior to fulfillment, on any item we sell.  Items you alter or damage cannot be returned.  A refund (or, where offered by us, a reasonable substitute for any item(s) we cannot fulfill in lieu of a refund) is your sole remedy for non-fulfillment or order cancellation.  In the event a watch warranty is offered, such warranty is governed by its express terms. All prices shown on mailed, print quotations only are honored for 30 days, EXCEPT ESTATE JEWELRY, WATCHES, STERLING SILVER, OR OTHER PRECIOUS METAL ITEMS, THE PRICES OF WHICH ARE SUBJECT TO FLUCTUATION AND MAY CHANGE INTRADAY. Products referencing "Was" and a higher price marked by a strikethrough (e.g. "$299.95") represent the highest price maintained by us for the product. Products referencing "MSRP" and a higher price marked by a strikethrough (e.g. "$299.95") represent the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. MSRP may not be the prevailing market price or regular retail price. Replacements, Ltd. does not honor those prices or descriptions that are the result of a typographical or other error. Unfortunately, we cannot hold payments pending future availability of any item not in stock. If you pay by check or money order, we must receive your check or money order within 7 calendar days.  We accept checks drawn on United States banks written in United States Dollars only. We use Telecheck to expedite orders paid by check.  By submitting your check for payment, you authorize us to convert the check to an electronic payment item or draft and to submit it for payment as an ACH debit entry or draft to your account, on the same terms and conditions as your check. Any payment by money order over $1,000 will be held for 10 business days to ensure availability of funds. There is a $25 fee for returned payments. Items noted "HC" represent tableware pieces made by our craftsmen using components from the pattern’s manufacturer, which is not affiliated with Replacements, Ltd.  Pattern Conversion ("PC"): We strive to meet all of our customers' needs. Due to the skills of our artisans, we are able to offer some PC pieces in some tableware patterns. In those patterns, we are able to add to or remove elements (trim, surface finishes, plating, etc.) from original pieces in similar patterns. Please let us know if you do not want to receive PC pieces.  And the Replacements, Ltd. Guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for credit or refund.

Our Shipping & Handling terms and all related policies and promotions on www.replacements.com are incorporated into these Terms & Conditions by reference. By visiting, using or buying from www.replacements.com, you expressly agree to these Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy, and our Identification, Image Usage & Licensing terms. Replacements, Ltd. reserves the right to modify and amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.


Identification, Image Usage & Licensing

Replacements, Ltd. gladly makes available to customers and suppliers a service by which product(s) may be identified, free of charge. Additionally, Replacements, Ltd. will evaluate, free of charge, product that is offered for sale. We reserve the right to limit identification of multiple requests to our customers and suppliers. In either case, individuals who so request these services agree to the following terms and conditions related to pictorial images:

Replacements, Ltd. reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to photograph or otherwise produce a pictorial image of any item provided to Replacements, Ltd. for identification, inspection or possible sale.  In such case, the owner of such piece shall not receive payment or bear any cost associated with such image production.  Replacements, Ltd. shall own all right, title and interest in any such images it produces.

With regard to any pictorial images (of any type or description, including without limitation photographs, drawings and/or digital images) provided to Replacements, Ltd. for identification, the owner grants to Replacements, Ltd., its successors and assigns a non-exclusive, worldwide, paid-up, royalty-free license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and/or publicly display the image(s).

By submitting any image to Replacements, Ltd., the submitting party agrees that submission does not infringe the right of any third party, including without limitation any third party's copyright, and that such submission is permitted by U.S. law.  The submitting party agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Replacements, Ltd., its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents, licensees, sublicensees, successors, and assigns, harmless against all claims, suits, costs, damages, losses, expenses (including court costs, and reasonable attorneys' fees), settlements, and judgments arising out of or related to the submitting party's breach of agreement to these terms or for infringing any third party's rights, including without limitation any third party's copyright.


Placing An Order 

In addition to placing your order online here at www.replacements.com, you may order by:

  • Telephone - 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223). Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to assist you from 9am - 6pm (ET) Monday through Friday (except holidays). 

  • U.S. Mail - You may also order via U.S. Mail; however, please note that U.S. Mail processing time may affect the availability of the items you desire.  Contact us via U.S. Mail at:

            Replacements, Ltd. 
            PO Box 26029 
            Greensboro, NC 27420-6029