Estate Jewelry Care

Taking good care of estate and vintage jewelry will not only keep your pieces looking beautiful, but will help them last through generations. Read below for some helpful tips for cleaning and caring for your jewelry.

Storing Your Jewelry
Bathing with Jewelry
Protect Jewelry while Sleeping


• To safely and effectively clean your gold & platinum jewelry and most gems, it is best to only use jewelry cleaner products.

• For pieces that are heavily soiled, let them soak in a jewelry cleaner solution until you can easily remove the soil with a soft-bristled brush, preferably the one that comes with the cleaner.

• Make sure to clean the undersides of gems where soap and lotion collect.

• After the soil has been removed, rinse the piece in tap water and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

• It is important to remember that jewelry such as pearl stud earrings & rings, inlaid (into the metal surface) gems, and some antique pieces cannot be immersed in water or cleaning solution. These pieces use glue to hold a gem in place and immersion will harm its bond. Use a water dampened soft cloth to clean this type of jewelry.

• Avoid using jewelry cleaner on the following gems: pearls, opals, coral, shell, and emeralds.