Flatware Piece Types

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  • Old French Blade
    Old French blades are slightly curved on one side.

  • New French Blade
    French blades are slightly curved on both sides and are distinguished from the Modern blade by the indentation that appears on the lower side where the blade connects to the handle.

  • Modern Blade
    Modern blades are one of the most popular blade styles and appear most often in stainless steel patterns. Unlike the New French blade style, the Modern blade does not have an indentation where the blade connects to the handle.

  • Bolster Style

    Bolsters are decorative inserts that generally appear as a small decoration separating the blade from the handle.

  • Iced Tea Spoon
    Our Piece Code: IT
    (7 ½-8 ½” in length)
    Iced tea spoons are generally used to stir iced beverages that are served in tall glasses. They can also be used as dessert spoons for parfaits, sherbets, or ice cream.

  • Demitasse Spoon
    Our Piece Code: DEM
    (4-5” in length)
    Demitasse spoons are used to stir strong coffees that are served in small quantities, like espresso or Turkish coffee. Generally, these spoons look like smaller versions of the teaspoon.

  • Luncheon Fork
    Our Piece Code: F1
    (7-7 3/8” in length)
    Luncheon forks are slightly smaller than the dinner fork, generally feature straight tines, and are used for meals and gatherings before dinner. Also, the luncheon fork can double as a youth or children’s fork and can be used with the luncheon knife and five o’clock teaspoon.

  • Dinner Fork
    Our Piece Code: F2
    (7-8” in length)
    Dinner forks are part of the typical 5-piece place setting. Dinner forks are used for the entrée course at dinner.

  • Grille Fork - Long Handle
    Our Piece Code: GRF
    (7-8” in length)
    Grille forks are slightly longer than dinner forks. The handle is longer and the tines are shorter. This fork is used for eating delicacies right from the grille and may be used with the grille knife at a place setting.

  • Salad Fork
    Our Piece Code: SF
    (6-7” in length)
    Salad forks are used for the salad course served before dinner and are part of the typical 5-piece place setting. The salad fork can also be used for eating hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and other bite size foods.