Flatware Piece Types

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  • Cheese Plane
    Our Piece Code: CHEPLS
    Cheese planes are drawn against a block of cheese. The result is a single slice of cheese that can be lifted and served using the cheese plane.

  • Cheese Scoop
    Our Piece Code: CHESC
    (5-8” in length)
    Cheese scoops are used for scooping small cubes of cheese. Cheese scoops resemble a sugar spoon with a longer handle.

  • Cheese Server
    Our Piece Code: CHESV
    (6-8” in length)
    Cheese servers resemble a cake or pie server. This piece can be used to cut and serve slices of cheese.

  • Chipped Beef Fork
    Our Piece Code: CBF
    (7-8” in length)
    Chipped beef forks are used to serve chipped beef, a smoke-dried beef that has been sliced very thinly. The chipped beef fork has tines that point outward for the piercing and holding of the slice of meat.

  • Cocktail Fork
    Our Piece Code: CF
    (5-6” in length)
    Cocktail forks are individual forks used with the five-piece place setting. Their primary purpose is for eating appetizers and shrimp dishes. Generally, this piece has three short tines.

  • Cracker Spoon
    Our Piece Code: CRS
    (8-10” in length)
    Cracker spoons are used for the scooping and serving of crackers. The oversized bowl resembles an ice scoop.

  • Cranberry Server
    Our Piece Code: CRAS
    (8-9” in length)
    Cranberry servers are like large casserole spoons that are used for the scooping and serving of whole berries, like cranberries or strawberries.

  • Crumb Knife
    Our Piece Code: CK
    Crumb knives are generally used by the person actually serving and clearing the table. The straight edge is scraped across the table and is meant for the moving of crumbs.

  • Egg Server
    Our Piece Code: EGSI
    (6-8” in length)
    Egg servers resemble tomato servers and are used for the lifting and serving of eggs that have been fried.

  • Entree Server
    Our Piece Code: ENT
    Entrée servers, much like casserole spoons, can be used for meats, vegetables, or casseroles that are served as entrees.