1. To get the process started, you'll need to get an Offer to Purchase for the item(s) you wish to sell.  We will need the manufacturer (or brand) and pattern name(s) of the tableware or collectibles.

  1. We'll send you an email stating the prices we can pay for the pieces in excellent condition and our offer's terms and conditions.

  2. Please use FedEx or the US Postal Service. You are responsible for packing, shipping, and insuring the merchandise. Any merchandise you ship or deliver to us is at your own risk, and there is no guarantee of purchase by Replacements, Ltd. Please see our How to Pack & Ship for more information.

    Important Note: 

  • When you receive your Offer to Purchase, please make sure the pattern description matches your pattern. Your pattern must match exactly as described on the Offer to Purchase; otherwise the offer is null and void. The offer is valid for 30 days.

  • The prices we offer are based on our supply (what we have available) and demand (what our customers are looking for). If we have enough inventory for our current needs, we may offer a low price for your item(s) or mark it as "Not Buying." 

  • Prices are valid for pieces in excellent condition only; we may buy pieces with minor flaws at reduced prices, based on the severity of the flaws. We do not purchase anything with chips or cracks.

  • Please contact us if you have more than 12 of any single place setting piece and/or more than one of any single serving piece per tableware pattern.

  • Please verify with your shipping company that your shipment is adequately packaged and shipped per their instructions, and has insurance based on the Offer to Purchase prices.

  • We'll send you an email once we receive your package.

  • Once the quality inspection process is complete, we'll contact you with a final offer - generally within 14 days. Click here for more information on our inspection process. We reserve the right to be the sole judge of the quality for each item and to limit quantities purchased. Please carefully review the Offer to Purchase for further terms and conditions.

  • Please do not send any pieces to us without an offer price on the Offer to Purchase.