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Fine tableware, with the proper care, can create memories and traditions that last a lifetime. On the pages below, we've gathered care tips and recommendations that we hope will enable your beautiful patterns to safely shine for years to come. Remember, the best way to enjoy your fine china is to use it regularly!

Antique China

Antique china, given the proper care, can last for decades. Older china should always be hand washed. Enemies of older china include scratching, heat, and harsh detergents. Prongs in the racks of many dishwashers may scratch the surface of china, and heat from the drying cycle can loosen trim, eventually causing it to wear away. Dishwasher detergents are sometimes harsh, and are not recommended for washing antique china.

Tips for hand washing "antique" or older china:

Remember that china is made to use. Long-term storage in areas where temperature and humidity is not controlled can have adverse effects on the glaze of china pieces causing the glaze to become brittle and possibly crack. If you do not use your dinnerware for extended periods (a year or more) take it out of storage at least once per year and wash the pieces. This yearly maintenance will keep impurities from impregnating the glaze, and will help keep the glaze strong.

"Dishwasher Safe" China

Replacements always recommends hand washing - it is the safest way to care for your china. However, we recognize that for some, hand washing is not always practical. While we do not recommend it, if you must use a dishwasher, china that has been produced during the past twenty years generally holds up better in a dishwasher than patterns that are older - provided the dishwasher is set on a GENTLE cycle.

Tips for "dishwasher safe" china:

General Notes


Tips for storage:

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