Silver Tableware Care

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Now that you've cleaned your china and crystal, you're probably ready to tackle the silver! Check below for helpful tips for washing, polishing, and storing your silver.

Silver Care

As with china and crystal, Replacements recommends hand cleaning for silver. Silver's finish actually improves with daily use, what better reason to use it regularly! Silver pieces that are used regularly will develop a "patina", which is actually a blending of thousands of microscopic scratches. This patina creates a beautiful satin finish. Rotate the use of all of your pieces to create an even "patina" throughout your set. After using your silver, consider these cleaning tips -



Sterling and silverplate, when not being used for extended periods, should be stored in a silver chest that has a tarnish resistant lining, or in felt bags. Do not store silver in an airtight container. Click here for our tableware storage items.

China | Crystal | Silver

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