Crystal Tableware Care

Cherrywood by GorhamSo you've cleaned every piece of china you have to within an inch of its life, and now you are ready to conquer your crystal. Fine, sparkling crystal pieces add a wonderful ambience to any table setting, so we've gathered care tips here that will help your crystal be all it can be!

Crystal Care

Replacements recommends hand washing crystal. Before you begin the actual washing of the pieces, it is recommended that you remove all jewelry items, and swing the faucet away from the wash area to prevent damage. Other tips -

Special Tips for "Cloudy" Crystal

Crystal can become clouded when heat from a dishwasher combines with lime, calcium, rust, or other minerals in the dish water to "bake" the minerals into the pores of the crystal. If your crystal has developed a 'cloudy' tint from years of use or dishwasher cleaning, the following methods may be helpful for more thorough cleaning (these methods are not recommended for crystal with gold or platinum trim, as they may remove the trim):


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